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Frustrated with Your Flood or Hurricane Claim?

I can’t explain it. Can you?

It seems like almost everyone who files a flood or hurricane claim with their insurance company has made the same mistake.

People don’t realize that if they fix this one little error, all the hassles and headaches that arise from dealing with their claim will practically disappear. Not only that. If you follow the steps I’m about to give you (even if you’ve already filed a Proof of Loss form), there’s a possibility…

You Might Even Receive an Extra

$5,000… $50,000… $100,000 (or More)…

Beyond What the Insurance Company Offers!*

It’s true! Let me explain. Whenever a hurricane or major storm occurs, flood damage is almost always inevitable. Sometimes it’s so bad, some people are literally up to their knees in water! Of course, this happens more often in coastal towns, but it also occurs inland as well.

Is flood damage limited to homes or condos? Absolutely not. Hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, and lots of other businesses get flooded big time. And the biggest mistake almost everyone makes? After filing a claim… and probably receiving an insulting low-ball offer… owners don’t get the right people to challenge the offer and DEMAND MORE MONEY!

Don’t make that mistake! The worst thing you can do is to handle your flood claim from A-Z yourself. Why? Because that’s an automatic red flag to the insurance company that it’s ok to lowball you with their offer. The truth is, insurance companies almost NEVER pay you what you’re fully entitled to if you don’t have an attorney. This is a fact. Plus, without a lawyer, you can miss CRUCIAL deadlines. Take it from me…

I Literally Wrote the Book on

Hurricane Flood Claims!

In 2009, I co-authored the book, Your Guide to Handling Flood Insurance Claims (I’ll gladly send you a free copy). I know the ins and outs of the flood claim process and how tricky it is. Sadly, so many unsuspecting people become flood claim victims and fall for the insurance company’s so-called “best offer” trick. Don’t fall for it! I can help, even if you’ve already filed a Proof of Loss or even cashed your insurance check!

Your best defense is to go on offense and hire a flood claims attorney with experience in fighting for every penny you may be entitled to. Call me now for a FREE CONSULTATION: (800) 760-6065. Or click here to send an online request.

More About Me and How I Can Help You…

Allow me to formally introduce myself: my name is Samuel Bearman. Besides co-writing a book on flood claims, I’ve been an attorney practicing flood and hurricane law, as well as injury and death law, for 40 years. I received my undergrad degree from Duke University and my law degree from Emory University. I’ve been featured in the media dozens of times and currently give seminars on how to handle flood claims. I am also a member of the American Trial Lawyers and Florida Trial Lawyers Associations.

How do I help my clients? For the last 40 years, I have successfully handled over 7,500 hurricane, flood, wind and property damage claims, as well as other cases. I represent clients personally and also associate with other law firms to refer them cases. Who do I help? Anyone with a flood claim: condo managers/owners, hotels, motels, businesses, homeowners and others with hurricane-flooded buildings.

At this point you should ask yourself, what do you have to lose by calling me? The answer is, nothing! My goal is to get you more money. Please contact me now for a FREE CONSULTATION. You can call (800) 760-6065 or click here to send us an online request.

What Will Happen When You Contact Us?

When you call, either Heather or Kim will answer the phone. They’re very warm and friendly. Just say “flood claim” or “hurricane claim” and they’ll put you right through. But please DON”T DELAY. And if I don’t get you money, you don’t pay me. Not even costs. Again, just call (800) 760-6065 or send an online request. Please hurry, ok?

Very truly yours,


For the Firm

P.S. – Almost without fail, clients who tried to handle their flood insurance claim on their own are SHOCKED by how much more I get them*. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION. Call me at (800) 760-6065 or send an online request to see if you too will be shocked.

*No guarantees or representations are being made on the outcome of your case or any case.

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