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Samuel W. Bearman has helped a number clients achieve settlements in excess of $1-million dollars each, making Mr. Bearman a member of the prestigious “Million Dollar Forum.”

Although he enjoys jury trials, he knows many clients would prefer to forego the emotional drain of such an ordeal. He uses the same skills and knowledge to negotiate reasonable settlements.

Here is just a sampling of some of the cases he has been involved with:

A doctor tested a pregnant woman’s fetus and it came up positive for the birth defect Spina Bifida, a condition where babies are born with underdeveloped brains and spines. A number these babies die near birth; those that live are severely retarded and need extraordinary medical care. The doctor did not inform her of the results. Although later tests confirmed the condition, the mother was told so late in the pregnancy as to limit her options and to give her little time to prepare emotionally and practically for her child’s birth. She was awarded a $3.5 million settlement.

The toddler of a family vacationing in Destin tragically died in the swimming pool of a house they were renting. While the pool had a fence around it, the latch was illegally positioned too close to the ground, allowing the 3-year-old to get inside to the pool. Mr. Bearman helped the family sue the homeowners and, more importantly, the management company of the property. They recovered $1.5 million.

A 10-year-old boy suffered brain damage from an auto accident, a hard medical condition to prove because of the pliable nature of the brain. The other side tried to exploit the fact that his parents were going through a divorce, and blamed his strange mood swings and problems in school on the splintering family and “normal teen angst.” Mr. Bearman and his medical team were able to prove his medical condition, calling upon a Harvard pediatrician to substantiate their position. The case settled for $900,000, a month before trial.

A woman whose home was damaged in a hurricane was fighting against her wind insurance company, which claimed the damage was actually due to flood, a switch tactic the business had repeatedly used with other homeowners to get out of paying its fair share. Before the Law Office of Samuel W. Bearman was hired, the company offered the woman $10,000. After trial, a jury awarded the company to pay what ended up to be more than $200,000 in damages and attorneys fees. The company later reorganized.

A woman who was allergic to a specific type of medication was given that medicine at a hospital and died, despite the fact that her medical chart specifically ordered that she was not to be given that medicine. The woman had many other health problems but the Law Office of Samuel W. Bearman was able to obtain $500,000 for her family.

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